Our community doesn’t have a name – it creates too much of a familial connection when really we simply identify as a community of individuals. We’re not the People’s Temple or the Children of God or the Wives of Moses or anything, we’re just a bunch of individuals on the same land. For that reason, we call ourselves The Community.

Our products for sale are titled things like, “The Community Lavender Soap” or “The Community Smudge Sticks.” And we call one another friends and neighbors. We don’t identify as a religion, so we pay taxes and value our status as Americans.

We also include a brief description of our community on the labeling for all of our goods. We certainly want to nip the cult thing in the bud if we want to keep making sharing and earning. So the description is as follows:

Thank you for visiting The Community today, we are so pleased to welcome you to our Community of farmers, growers, makers, doers. When we’re not trading and sharing with one another, we love to welcome visitors to try out our products and share a cup of tea and a story or two! Come back real soon!