Another common question, probably due to folks’ inability to separate our community from cults in their imaginations, is what kind of drug use goes on in our community. We’re not drinking “the koolaid” and we’re not taking MDMA and having orgies. We’re not microdosing mushrooms to better explore our outer minds. We’re not eating tabs of acid and trekking through the desert for ayauasca.

We do, however, advocate for the use of cannabis and use it fairly regularly. This is America in 2019 after all! There is very seldom alcohol use in our community because we don’t find it to be a productive use of inebriates.

Many of our members stopped taking recreational substances altogether when they joined us, finding that these substances were helpful in getting through their “out there” lives but are no longer helpful here. And for those who do continue, well that’s none of my business and we try not to police one another’s lifestyles!