Like any community, our members are subject to life changes that may take them away from us. We are always sad to see people go but we always support our community members in whatever endeavors they choose to take.  

 Anyone who wishes to leave is encouraged to first speak with the current dry-getter as that will be their first opportunity to have a ride out of the area. We then ask that they speak to the community at large – justifying their decision to leave, outlining their plans to follow, and clarifying whether or not they’ll be in touch with us thereafter.  

 For those who expect or wish to stay in touch with us, we do a big SEEYALATER sendoff exchanging contact information and expecting to see them in the near future. For those who want to sever all ties, we do our best to sever all ties and send them off quickly and quietly.  

 Just like a Fortune 500 company offboards folks immediately who choose to resign as to not poison their view of the company, we like people who want to leave to do so quickly to allow them the greatest opportunity to reach their potential elsewhere!