Living off the grid and mostly off of farm fresh fruits, vegetables, and responsibly sourced animal products means that the majority of our community members are healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced. What we lack in our direct diets, we make up for in teas and tonics that community members develop to promote healthy living.

I have friends – former friends – from outside of the community who shop at GNC to supplement a diet of frozen meals, fast food, and Starbucks.

I have no judgement – the real world “out there” is fast and is not designed to keep people healthy, it is designed to keep people productive. Eat your meals on the go, drink your coffee on the go, instead of eating foods that give you what you need, take that in pill form and keep living on preservatives and pills. This is what capitalism does to humanity. I was a part of it for decades and I was a version of happy.