“Out There”

Ok ok ok I got some flack for the last post and I want to take a moment to clarify my meaning. I respect modern living, I respect the hustle and career moves required to be successful in our culture. And I must be honest – to a degree, I maintain a financial safety net accumulated from my former life that allows me to live more freely out here off the grid. I am aware of the negatives and positives of living in modern society.

I though chose to leave that. Maybe one day I will rejoin it. But leaving it has worked really well for me and I have found a new kind of happiness that I never knew to be possible and that has expanded my consciousness in interesting ways.

Again. Not everyone is able, willing, interested in doing this. Not everyone wants to drink one cup of mushroom tea before yoga instead of a 16-oz skim latte on the red line. Not everyone wants to use home grown and processed shea butter for hair, nails, face, and body moisturizing instead of Kiehls and Aveda. And for many people, this version of happiness is perfect!

We all choose our choices. To advocate for mine is not to disparage yours.

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