Safety and Security

In our community, we don’t believe in things like locks, closed doors, passwords, or secrets. Part of living in our community is openness and honesty. We encourage relationships, growth, development, but we encourage that it be felt as a community rather than experienced by an individual. We don’t believe that individual success is success unless it is shared with a community. We don’t believe that mourning is effective when undertaken as an individual. And we don’t trust anything that happens behind a door.  

 This is not some L. Ron Hubbard hiding in a saferoom beneath commune houses cult. This is a community of likeminded do-ers who are working together to build an environment where everyone supports everyone. If I have water and you’re thirsty, I will give you my water. If I am thirsty later, we will solve that problem later.  

 We do, however, have safety and security measures to protect our goods from community outsiders. We have no judgement or beliefs about those outside of our community, but we do understand that food and goods can go a long way with a hungry individual.  

 If we catch any outsiders trying to steal food and good from us, as has happened only thrice in our lifetime, we first offer that individual a space within our community letting them know that they will be rationed whatever they need as long as they remain a contributing community member. This worked with one of the individuals.  

 The other two were set free – scared.