I live in a small town, we don’t have local market, let alone a Whole Foods, in large part because so many of the individuals and families living in this community are more self-sufficient than in more densely populated areas.

Most of the families out here have farmland and produce necessities – during the once-weekly farm swap, we bring what we have in surplus and tradesies. Sure, sometimes we’re all just trading barely-different ears of corn back and forth, but there are specialty items at different forms that I wait for excitedly all year!

Because I maintain a small shea tree grove, a large herb garden, and several fruit trees I sell mostly soaps, lotions and perfumes that I make at home. Besides it being a nice income, it’s also a really calming hobby. I love listening to feedback from buyers and improving existing products or learning to make new ones.

I host one night a month, whoever wants to come, and learn whatever it is I’m working on – everything brings their own farm-sharables so we usually have a really nice spread of cheese, vegetables, fruit, fresh-baked breads, savory pastries, and local wine to feat upon while straining tofu or stirring essential oils into boiling shea oil.

Any of the local vendors – there’s a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, and a petting zoo catering to tourists on our little wine country tour. I sell my goods there and see pretty amazing profits. Tourists love to buy anything in a mason jar.