The Family Structure

I get this question from many of the community visitors – what is the family structure within the community? That’s easy to answer, we don’t have a family structure because we don’t have families. Everyone in our community is single, lives on their own, and respects the tenant of our belief system that while it’s ok to have momentary company – courtship, romance, and companionship are not valuable.

As one can imagine, many of our community members are divorcees who learned only during marriage that marriage is not of value. Many of our community members are simply single folks who have always been single and needn’t be convinced.

Because we have a community of single people, there are no families or children. There have been sexual relationships between members – which we understand to be a physical expression solely based upon the importance of orgasm. We don’t assign any emotional or romantic connection to it. And of course, members have become pregnant. In these cases, that members is encouraged to make a choice between leaving the community and raising the child or terminating the pregnancy and remaining a single person in the community. We don’t push either way, we celebrate either choice, and encourage the autonomy of such a choice.