Web Presence

As you may be wondering, why am I blogging about the Community I suggest to be so perfectly contained and populated. Well we recently had a CL Community Meeting where we discussed some new ways to mitigating the cult-vibe people feel about us.

We thought that some blogging about our beliefs and processes would be a good start. I was tiring of my role as Dry Getter, and I studied writing in school before finding my way to the Community, and I believed myself to be a good ambassador of the whole Community.

So I guess I’m here mostly to convince you that we’re not crazy people, we’re not here against our will, we have no plans to travel to South America with a vat of kool-aid, and we’re not a constant dirty farm orgy. We mostly just got sick of 7-11s and trains and dirty railings, Christmas music on the sidewalks in October, door buzzes, prime deliveries, Dunkin Donuts, swiping or inserting debit cards, surfing the web, listening to podcasts, etc.

We just…. left. And we make good products. And they are available for sale! That’s the extent of it!