We’re Looking to Expand our Reach

You already know that our community of farmers, growers, makers and doers welcome visitors to try out our products and share a cup of tea and story or two.

As a familial community, we sell things like, “The Community Lavender Soap” or “The Community Smudge Sticks.” All of our goods include a brief description of our community on the labeling.

Lately, Community members have been thinking about expanding the reach of our products. We’re not completely isolated from the real world. We know about the internet, so we checked to see if there are opportunities out there to grow our sales of sustainable goods.

It can’t be denied that ecommerce is growing rapidly as more and more people choose to shop online. The Community members decided to take advantage of online opportunities to sell our products.

To do that, we needed to research how to approach online sales. That wasn’t easy because of the wide variety of online storefronts, payment methods and shipping options.

It was easy for us to identify what we were looking for – an economically viable way of reaching more people with our products by using online sales channels that would preserve the integrity of the Community ethos.

We found some pretty interesting websites that offer courses we could work with. But which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams?

During the course of our search, we stumbled upon a website called I Buy I Review. The I Buy I Review website provides detailed reviews of companies that offer online programs about how to create, market and promote an e-commerce business.

We found a review of NFINii, a network marketing company that offers educational courses that teach people how to build a successful eCommerce business through drop shipping. Check out the review here.

This and other reviews on I Buy I Review give us an idea of the legitimacy of various courses.

We’re happy to see that this website is providing people with information about all of the different kinds of online business opportunities, not just one or two in particular.

There’s a whole range of programs available for us and our Community members–so I’m confident we’ll be able to find something that suits everyone!